Water Aerobics Exercises

Examples of Water Aerobics Exercises

Swimming is one simple and commonly found example of water aerobics exercises. Swimming has often been associated with an activity that is normally done in the summer months. Also, swimming was considered to be more of a recreational opportunity than anything else. It was not too many years ago that a vacationing family would be treated to an evening in the motel’s swimming pool after a long day of traveling on the road.

However, today, indoor and outdoor pools have become more available and, as such, individuals have greater access to swimming pools. Along with this access, physical fitness enthusiasts have discovered that swimming is an excellent example exercise for water aerobics. The reasons why swimming is an excellent example exercise for water aerobics is because of the benefits that this fitness activity provides. Those benefits include it being a great aerobics workout and the benefit of performing this exercise in water.

Benefits Of An Aerobic Exercise

Swimming is an excellent example of water aerobics exercises because of the many benefits achieved. One of these benefits includes it being a wonderful cardiovascular fitness exercise. The definition of a good aerobics workout would be defined as an activity that elevates the heart rate and sustains that elevated heart rate over a specified period of time. These rates and times vary from individual to individual and are dependent upon the person’s age and level of physical fitness.

Swimming, as an example exercise for water aerobics, fits the bill in providing a good aerobics workout. This is accomplished by moving through the water using the movements of your arms and legs. When done continuously for a certain amount of time and over a set distance, the heart rate will be elevated to meet the standard of a good aerobics workout. Swimming laps is the best form of discipline and maximizing the benefits of this example exercise for water aerobics.

Benefits Of Water Aerobics Exercises

Another benefit of swimming, as an excellent example exercise for water aerobics, is the minimal risk factor. Because the workout is done in water and there is no physical contact between the human body and a hard surface, the shock effect that may cause injuries is negligible.

In addition, swimming serves as an excellent example exercise for water aerobics because the buoyancy of the water aids in the performance of the exercise. This buoyancy levels the playing field and allows the majority of individuals to exercise. This is extremely helpful to those who may be experiencing a weight problem, or who are suffering from arthritis and other maladies that prevent exercising outside of the swimming pool.

Finally, performing aerobics in water offers efficiency in time. This efficiency is realized as it requires the production of more energy to swim a certain distance than it does to jog or run that same distance on land. In this particular comparison, between swimming and jogging, you would have to run four times as much in distance as what you swam in order to achieve the same results. This efficiency of time and energy makes this activity an excellent example exercise for water aerobics exercise.

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