The Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs

Let’s stop all of the myths and find the truth about abs!  Ab machines (abdominal machines) are excellent for strengthening and tightening the Ab muscles if done on a regular basis and for doing ab exercises.  The problem with ab machines are in the advertisements seen on television, billboards, and in magazines and newspapers which all make outrageous claims that by doing stomach exercises for a few minutes each day you will be sure to lose weight and reach your fat loss goals without any serious diet efforts.

The outright lie that is being told about ab machines is that using a specific (or any) Ab exercise for 3 minutes per day will not only strengthen and tighten the abs but will also remove the thick layers of fat tissue located around the midsection. This is totally untrue, this is not the truth about abs. 

The Truth About Abs Is You Can’t Target Fat Loss

The truth about abs is ab exercises only strengthen and tighten the Ab muscles, they have absolutely nothing to do with the reduction of body fat tissue.  There is no such thing as spot reduction, spot reduction is a myth of fat loss .  The only way to lose the body fat tissue located directly on top of the Ab muscles is to follow a specific fat burning diet that is capable of accomplishing such a task.  Only then will the Ab muscles be visible.

The truth about abs is performing stomach exercises for the abdominal muscles is no different than doing biceps curls for the biceps muscles.  Curls will make the biceps muscles tighter, stronger, and bigger but will not remove the fat tissue from the arms.  Instead of using these weird Ab machines and contraptions to lose weight you need to begin a good diet and aerobics exercise program that will speed up your metabolism which will force rapid fat loss to happen.  This is the only way to lose fat fast.