Lose 10 Pounds Fast

How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

A majority of the population in America is wondering how to lose 10 pounds fast, and not only that, but how to keep it off. How can some people be so fit, when others are incredibly out of shape? Is the only answer, “genetics and luck of the draw?”

Do you have to actually become a gym rat in order to be lose weight? There is no easy answer to the first question, but luckily, genetics, being lucky and becoming a gym rat are not the answer to losing weight quickly.

How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast In 5 Easy Steps:

1. Visualize yourself thin.

Never underestimate the power of the mind when it comes to making changes for the better. Too often, the way we think is the way we are – if you think of yourself as fat, you remain so. Your mind accepts that reality and doesn’t bother to change it.

Visualize yourself in a fit body, however, and you can set a new course towards becoming more fit. Negative thinking is also something that commonly leads to emotional eating, so think positive rather than beating yourself up negatively.

2. Get rid of tempting treats.

This may seem harder than it sounds, but simply trash your temptations. If it’s ice cream, then have an ice cream social at your house, or otherwise throw it away. Whatever it is that you eat to “feel better” about yourself, this is what you need to get rid of, you’ll make it much easier to lose weight rapidly.

3. Stick to whole foods.

Piggy-backing on number two above, if you only eat whole, natural foods, you go a long way to fighting the toxins, preservatives and carbohydrate overload that your body has been likely contending with. You will also begin to feel better, more healthy, as you adjust to eating natural foods.

4. Avoid processed foods and sugars.

Processed foods are high in gluten, preservatives of all sorts, sugars and all manner of chemicals. Your body stores a lot of these unnatural toxins in body fat to protect your organs. Getting rid of excess carbs and sugars will also ensure you don’t have a high amount of calories to burn off, the excess of which get stored as fat.

5. Make fitness fun again.

This is really key to the whole thing – if you can make time for fitness and make fitness fun, your motivation will drastically improve. If you don’t like to exercise, or if you find it boring being on a treadmill, then do something simple: get a bicycle. Buy a scooter.

Sounds really simple (and that’s the beauty of it), but if you haven’t been out mountain biking, or haven’t been on a fun, quality scooter lately – you can’t imagine how much fun fitness can be. And when fitness is fun, your metabolism increases and you burn more fat, and build muscle.

This is how to lose 10 pounds fast and keep it off for good.

Look, keeping yourself fit and trim is far from easy in the fast-paced life most live. We eat in a rush, grab what’s closest or most convenient (regardless of health benefits or lack thereof) and rarely make time for fitness. Regardless of these obstacles, you now have some idea of how to lose weight quickly, conveniently, and for good with these quick tips.

Muscular Strength Benefits

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Eat More to Lose Weight

How To Eat More to Lose Weight

Do you want to know the secrets to how you can eat more to lose weight effectively? I’m sure you do. For years I have searched high and low for ways and means to help me get rid of those unwanted pounds. I nearly gave up because my research showed that losing weight requires lots of money through those expensive weight loss programs. Well, I was wrong because I have finally done it the easy, effective and healthy way. The best news is you can eat and lose weight just like me.

Here are the 10 tips that you must absolutely follow if you plan to eat more to lose weight:

  1. Control the amount of calories you consume daily by controlling the types of food you eat. Jumble up your food and rotate your proteins and carbohydrates every day. Simple!
  2. Eat 4 to 5 small meals daily. Just remember to separate each meal by at least 3 to 4 hours. These small meals help you control your calories intake. Easy!
  3. Try to eat home cooked food as much as possible. This is because most of the restaurants and eateries give you great tasting meals that are loaded with calories which transfer to extra pounds.
  4. Next, I need to emphasize the benefit of food rotation. By rotating your food, your body will response by burning more fat.
  5. Eat simple and plain food as much as possible. Trust me, plain food can be just as delicious as food loaded with fat, salt and calories. This will definitely encourage your body to burn fat.
  6. Don’t overeat. That’s the reason for eating small meals regularly. Stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.
  7. Avoid sodas or canned drinks with high sugar content as much as possible. Stick to water, diet drinks, low fat/calories coffee or tea.
  8. Drink lots of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses every day. This is in addition to the other drinks you may take during the day.
  9. Then, its’ time to start exercising. Take long walks, this is my favourite exercise. Go jogging, swimming and bowling, another one of my favourites. Have fun while doing it!
  10. Finally, to emphasize on point 7. Avoid food with high sugar content like cakes and candies. These also include fat-free cakes and candies. This is because sugar can make you fat!
Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics Explained

Step Aerobics: The Easiest Form Of Aerobics Exercise

Step Aerobics Music

Finding The Perfect Step Aerobics Music!

Millions of people worldwide practice step aerobics, which is another type of aerobics and the reason for its popularity may be simple to assess since it is a means of providing the exerciser with an amazing cardio workout that also does not need any equipment and nor does it need a lot of space. The only real requirement is that there should be a flat surface as well as a stepping platform.

Aerobics aims to increase the consumption by the body of the quantity of oxygen consumed whereas step aerobics tries to build towards achieving the same goals through more intensive workouts. To do so, requires the use of a step or platform that provides a little more boost through the integration of an action consisting of stepping onto a platform resulting in it becoming a more intensive form of workout. Another great advantage that is reaped from step aerobics is it is a low impact activity and does not result in the joints stressing as do other activities, such as running or jogging.

When a person steps on a platform there is no shock experienced by the joints and it also does not require any appreciable amount of coordination or athleticism. In addition, the step that is taken in the step aerobics exercise performs a number of different things that many a company has capitalized on, by selling sturdy platforms together with exercise videos as well as a host of other extras. For the person that has a low budget, however, any household item will be an adequate substitute such as a block of wood, a milk crate, or, even a short stool all of which can act as a raised platform.

The only thing to be careful about is that the item should be sturdy and safe so that there is no injury sustained as a result of falling or by twisting an ankle on an unstable step or platform. One should also have proper workout apparel as well as a good pair of sneakers which should preferably be light in weight because there is a lot of stepping to be done and the footwear should also support the arch of the foot as well be able to absorb shocks. Proper footwear is very important in spite of the fact that step aerobics is a low impact activity.

Anyone can buy a book or video or even join the local gym to start step aerobics and can begin with simple exercises like just stepping onto a platform and then stepping down. There are simple exercises as well as more complicated ones and one can progress steadily from simple to more complicated exercise routines. Also, one can increase the rapidity of the steps or even raise the platform and this should result in increased fitness and skill. The step aerobics exercises may grow in complexity as the exerciser becomes more proficient.

Aerobic Clothes For Your Workout

Finding The Right Aerobic Clothes

Good Aerobic Clothes can be expensive, but it is worth it!

Aerobic classes require focus and physical dedication, but you must have the right aerobics clothing to do so in comfort. As many have noticed, this new era of health-consciousness developed its own touch of style as well. Exercising in affordable, premium material costs a little higher than the regular aerobic clothes, but it is worth it if you work hard. With that in mind, you should create an incentive for yourself – if you complete so many sessions, you can buy that expensive aerobic clothing you noticed at the sports shop. This could create a burning desire to work very hard to achieve that small goal, but it can be the basis for you to achieve even higher ones.


For those of you new to the workout scene, it is hard to exercise if you are not comfortable. The constant movements of up and down can put a toll on your body if your clothing is not right. Finding the right aerobic clothes could take some time as you visit different sporting shops or search online. The best way to choose your aerobics clothing would involve you touching the material to get a sense of how it may feel to you. Not to say that online purchases are not good, but experience with the material will let you know if you are getting your money’s worth. Clever designs can cause problems for you if your routines are demanding; take it slow if you find yourself in a predicament of the material being uncomfortable. If you prefer flexibility, it may be helpful to invest in soft aerobic clothes.


If you exercise in stylish, but uncomfortable material you may not want to continue your regime. Find a balance between affordable and comforting aerobics clothing for you. Ask a gym instructor or an online fitness coach of his or her preferences regarding the initial cost of their clothing, then look for something to fit your budget. I suggest that you approach the situation with an open mind. The price you pay for good material may outlast the benefits of comfort you receive while completing your regime. The interests in good quality will make the learning experience more memorable because you will be focused on your efforts than on the discomforting effects.

Finding a balance between comfort and cost creates a bridge for most people; using the same niche can help you buy the best fit gear available at affordable prices. Remember, you are trying to get the incentive of the high-priced, high-quality aerobics clothing we mentioned in the beginning. You will have something to show for the hard work you are putting into your health and secure feeling of a longer life. Aerobic exercises can be one step from helping you feel and look like a winner.

Water Aerobics Classes

What Can You Expect From Water Aerobics Classes?

Water aerobics classes have numerous benefits for new comers and older participants. With the new health breakthroughs, more and more instructors are implementing new movements to help the body. For instance, you can learn about classes that use water aerobics to build heart strength in comparison running. It does not matter when you attend a class because you will experience hard work, fun exercises, and meet new people in your classes.

Hard Work

The dynamics of water aerobics are not simple movements that can be done by anyone. You must put in hard work to get the most of every session – dedicate yourself to learning. There are many benefits to dedicating extra time to learning more regarding water aerobics because classes will become more interesting. If you like to push yourself to the core, you may integrate running exercises as well. This pushes you to different extents both physically and mentally. I suggest that you take it slow in the beginning because there’s time to increase the strenuous degree of movements later on in your development.

Fun Exercises

What good is an exercise regime if it is not fun? Water aerobics exercising is one of the most exciting exercises there are, because you get to chill in the pool. Many new comers adjust to the setting almost immediately after they are used to the routine their instructors use. I suggest that amateurs practice some exercises after class is done so they learn the basics of each movement more independently. As they say, “practice makes perfect” and participating in water aerobics classes is a perfect way to build grand endurance for your heart. The basics of the exercises are more than enough to ignite your curiosity of their advanced movements; take your time to learn safety tips before you move ahead in the group.

New Friends

Yes, you make plenty of new friends in water aerobics classes. Participants can build their social networks by practicing and learning the routine with others in their group. The level of understanding and acceptance excels the need to outperform one another. Your group will become a little family unit; perhaps, long-life friends just because you started a hobby together. Understand that sport-oriented groups tend to grow on one another after spending time learning a new aspect of their interests together. You never know; the water aerobics classes you attend could be the next best thing to a tea party. With this in mind, respect others and help others learn the routines if they are struggling. Older participants are more than willing to assists new comers with the dynamics so they can keep up with the rest of the group.

Water Aerobics Exercises

Examples of Water Aerobics Exercises

Swimming is one simple and commonly found example of water aerobics exercises. Swimming has often been associated with an activity that is normally done in the summer months. Also, swimming was considered to be more of a recreational opportunity than anything else. It was not too many years ago that a vacationing family would be treated to an evening in the motel’s swimming pool after a long day of traveling on the road.

However, today, indoor and outdoor pools have become more available and, as such, individuals have greater access to swimming pools. Along with this access, physical fitness enthusiasts have discovered that swimming is an excellent example exercise for water aerobics. The reasons why swimming is an excellent example exercise for water aerobics is because of the benefits that this fitness activity provides. Those benefits include it being a great aerobics workout and the benefit of performing this exercise in water.

Benefits Of An Aerobic Exercise

Swimming is an excellent example of water aerobics exercises because of the many benefits achieved. One of these benefits includes it being a wonderful cardiovascular fitness exercise. The definition of a good aerobics workout would be defined as an activity that elevates the heart rate and sustains that elevated heart rate over a specified period of time. These rates and times vary from individual to individual and are dependent upon the person’s age and level of physical fitness.

Swimming, as an example exercise for water aerobics, fits the bill in providing a good aerobics workout. This is accomplished by moving through the water using the movements of your arms and legs. When done continuously for a certain amount of time and over a set distance, the heart rate will be elevated to meet the standard of a good aerobics workout. Swimming laps is the best form of discipline and maximizing the benefits of this example exercise for water aerobics.

Benefits Of Water Aerobics Exercises

Another benefit of swimming, as an excellent example exercise for water aerobics, is the minimal risk factor. Because the workout is done in water and there is no physical contact between the human body and a hard surface, the shock effect that may cause injuries is negligible.

In addition, swimming serves as an excellent example exercise for water aerobics because the buoyancy of the water aids in the performance of the exercise. This buoyancy levels the playing field and allows the majority of individuals to exercise. This is extremely helpful to those who may be experiencing a weight problem, or who are suffering from arthritis and other maladies that prevent exercising outside of the swimming pool.

Finally, performing aerobics in water offers efficiency in time. This efficiency is realized as it requires the production of more energy to swim a certain distance than it does to jog or run that same distance on land. In this particular comparison, between swimming and jogging, you would have to run four times as much in distance as what you swam in order to achieve the same results. This efficiency of time and energy makes this activity an excellent example exercise for water aerobics exercise.